Good atmosphere is guaranteed with my guys in our dojo

Good and positive atmosphere is important everywhere. At work, at home, in any organization, federation or structure. It makes everyone feel comfortable and reach better results. That’s true for sure.

If talking about karate, positive environment in federation is one of musts. But about this next time. This time about that positiveness in dojo. In a place where you spend most of your time. Morning, evening – same people, coach, place. It is necessary that all of this makes you feel good.

I am lucky that we are very good friends with my clubmates and coach. We know each others for many many years, we already know our “perfect” characters  We help each other, we tease each other, we have fun together. I checked how many amazing photos we do have, here just few of them  Saulės Ženklas, thanks for great moments we are having every day!


2% Pajamu mokesciu parama

Su Jūsų pagalba - mes galime įsigyti naują inventorių, organizuoti vaikų varžybas savo klube, aktyviai dalyvauti varžybose kituose Lietuvos miestuose, organizuoti vasaros stovyklas bei tarptautines išvykas.



Spauskite čia!


Spauskite čia!